Hardwood Flooring
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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has been a popular flooring material for centuries and continues to be the flooring material of choice for many good reasons.

  • It’s durable – well-made hardwood floors can last a lifetime and longer.Portland Flooring, Installation, Hardwood Flooring
  • While the initial cost may be higher than with other types of flooring, hardwood’s longevity makes it an excellent long term investment.
  • It’s comfortable – real wood has a natural warmth that no artificial material can replicate and makes a very comfortable living surface.
  • It’s uniquely beautiful –hardwood has a beautiful appearance and, as a natural material, every piece will be completely unique.
  • It’s a great Investment – real hardwood adds value to your home.
  • It’s authentic – real wood has special value and appeal over artificial materials
  • It’s sustainable – wood is a naturally renewable resource.

Trinity Flooring offers a wide variety of hardwood flooring products from the top brands in the industry, including Mohawk, Kentwood, Wanke Cascade, Dansk, Hallmark, and many more.   We offer personalized service and free in-home measurements and design consultations.  Stop by our showroom today or give our flooring design consultant a call at (503) 667-2200.

Introducing the Latest in Hardwood Flooring Technology from Mohawk

The Waterproof & Scratch Resistant Wood Floor- RevWood Plus

How to Care and Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Featured Hardwood Flooring Mills/Brands

Our showroom features hardwood from top quality mills and brands, including:


Wood flooring has long been a hallmark of sophisticated taste and style, whether urban or rustic, contemporary or vintage. Prized for its natural beauty and timeless appeal, wood in the home provides richness and warmth. And thanks to the latest Mohawk technology, hardwood elegance can now be achieved in any home and in any room of the house.  Children and pets. Kitchens, baths and basements. No matter the home. No matter the room. We have a wood floor that’s right for you.


Nothing says home like authentic hardwood flooring, and no-one does hardwood like Kentwood.  Stunning styles, superior quality and excellent value-that’s the Kentwood promise.  The Kentwood Hardwood collection includes Courture, Kentwood Originals, and Kentwood Elements.

Dansk Hardwood USA

With stylish and contemporary colors, textures and designs, Dansk Hardwood has crafted a number of unique flooring collections compiled of many different species of hardwood. Take pride in your home or office with only the best in quality and value.

Wanke Cascade/Cascade Hardwood

Our own line of Cascade Hardwoods combines the rustic nature of naturally stressed and worn woods with the class and sophistication of beautifully constructed flooring. Enjoy the durability that Cascade Hardwood has to offer you in a residential or commercial setting. The wide range of colors, warm and cool, allows you to design any space to your liking, despite your taste or current design trends; your flooring will stand the test of time with unique and natural grains, wear and distress. Bring the outdoors in and experience the high style flooring solutions of Cascade Hardwood.

Hallmark Floors

Handcrafted in small batches by professional hardwood craftsmen, Hallmark Floors wood collections are developed and designed to enhance the beauty of all types of homes and interiors, from cozy and traditional to cool and contemporary living.

Relentless work and development of various flooring collections have made Hallmark one of the fastest growing wood flooring companies on the market, and we are pleased and proud to offer you over 100 uniquely designed hardwood.

Hallmark’s hardwood flooring collection includes Novella, Monterey, and Ventura.

Hardwood Flooring Construction Options

Portland Hardwood Flooring Store, Mohawk, Dansk, Kentwood, Hallmark Hardwood FloorsSOLID HARDWOOD

Solid hardwood flooring is made from a single solid piece of hardwood. This is the most traditional form of hardwood flooring. It is installed over plywood subfloors using nail down installation.


Engineered hardwood flooring is made from several layers of wood, with valuable hardwood used only for the surface, or ‘wear’ layer. The other layers may be plywood, common softwood or even high density fiberboard (HDF). Engineered floors are generally more stable than a solid floor, and they are more versatile too, as they can be installed in practically any situation with a variety of different installation techniques.

Hardwood Flooring Buying Tips

Many people choose a wood species based on its hardness, thinking that a harder wood will be more durable and resistant to wear and damage. While this is true to some extent, the fact is that all hardwoods can be dented and scratched, even with the toughest finish. So it’s more important to choose a floor based on its visual appearance.

A Janka rating is a guide to the hardness of any given wood species. The Janka rating indicates how many pounds of force are required to embed a small steel ball into the surface of the wood to a depth of half the ball’s diameter. The resulting number is used as a rating to indicate the hardness of the wood; the higher the Janka rating, the harder the wood.

All hardwoods used for flooring are suitable for the purpose, so it’s better to choose a species and color that suits your individual lifestyle and tastes. For example, generally speaking lighter colored floors and heavier grained woods like oak will be more forgiving of daily wear (dust, footprints, etc) and will require less maintenance than darker floors and clear grained woods like maple. Exotic woods tend to be less tolerant of changes in climate than domestic woods.

Tips provided by Kentwood.

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Photography courtesy of Kentwood Floors.

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